Trolls & Vultures

by The Disappearing

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Debut album from The Disappearing


released September 8, 2017

The Disappearing:

Antony Horne - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals
James Farrar - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
George Harris - Bass, Piano, Backing Vocals
Justin O'Connor - Drums, Backing Vocals.


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The Disappearing Stockport, UK

The Disappearing are an alt-rock band based in Stockport, UK.

Antony Horne
James Farrar
George Harris

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Track Name: One Minute Culture
One minute culture
The trolls and the vultures at the door
Hold a mirror to your soul.

Post truth future
another expert opinion unfolds
Now just think the way you're told.

I see that look in your eyes
So cold and desensitised to the world
It shouldn't be a surprise
You'll never know who I am, deep inside

Your filter illusion
Like this new angle so bold
Your special coffee's getting cold

We hear what you're saying
Watching all day as you scroll
Your information is gold

©The Disappearing
Track Name: Boulevard
You wanna tell me why you brought me down to this place
the atmospheres all stale and the crowds pushing in my face
I wanna groove and dance, the music’s not to my taste
Lets just move on down, move on down the boulevard.

Guys wearing Chinos and a feeling that we don't fit
White lines on the table and problem they won't admit.
All talk about money, how it's time to quit.
Lets just move on down, move on down the boulevard.

©The Disappearing
Track Name: In the City
Things are looking bad in the city
Things aint so good in the towns
They tell us hard times are a coming
And you need to knuckle down

Cause we’re all in this all together
You’ll feel the pain as much as me
Lighter, leaner more efficient
We aint so different can you see?

‘Cause in the city you’ll be right
You won’t suffer your mistakes
‘Cause in the city no need to fight
We’re hanging out the fakes

©The Disappearing
Track Name: Extraordinary Sounds
An empty lie, to leave or die, desert land turns into sea
Where chaos rules, over mindwashed fools, don’t need your thoughts or sympathy

An extraordinary sound
There’s no one left around
A new direction that we're bound

A life on hold, the welcome’s cold, your sanctuary just out of sight
The open door, won’t give no more, in the coldness of the night

An extraordinary sound
There’s no one left around
A new direction that we're bound

Don’t let them come to me
With their despair and poverty
It’s done, what’s said is done
It’s done, what’s said is done

©The Disappearing
Track Name: Golden Man
Golden man he is waiting for you
Do not worry do not fear
Golden man he's just watching
He's not speaking can't you hear

Another season has come and gone
Walls getting closer by the year
It doesn't matter to the golden man he's holding on (for more)
Wondering if we'll ever move away from here.

The golden man he's behind you now.
Do not question what he thinks
Golden man he has seen it all
Sat and watched you iron the kinks

He's always there but does he listen
I wonder what he'd have to say
Broken chords and sounds that glisten
Golden man he wouldn't have it any other way

©The Disappearing
Track Name: In Control
I am in Control
I am not an animal
Consequences, cause and effect
In my head there’s a disconnect

Don’t know where I belong
Don’t know what’s right or wrong
Talk to me whilst I’m asleep
Telling me I’m a freak

Do you know what is in my mind, it’s not a pretty sight
Round and round inside my head, not without a fight
Up the dose and drift away, off into the night
and lock it deep away

And I know why you brought me here
And I know but I cannot fear
To far gone can’t drag me back
Tied down so I can’t attack

And I swear it won’t happen again
And I swear I am tame
Sedatives in my blood
Euphoria rising like a flood

©The Disappearing
Track Name: Hard to Change
It ain't so hard to change
You always have to be right
It ain't so hard to change
Only got this one life

Never thought you’d climb so high
Did you ever wonder why?
The view up there, makes you dizzy

Your meteoric rise
Didn’t come as such a big surprise
You used us all, was it worth it?

Don’t look down, look all around
Don’t look down, we’re all around

The dreams you had were fanciful
But the damage was collateral
Now ask yourself, are you sorry?

This wasn’t meant to last
Should have learned the lessons from the past
The blind will never ever, see it coming.

©The Disappearing
Track Name: Early Morning Sun
Sometimes you feel it, in the dead of night
A fear inside you can’t explain
You try hard to ignore it, those feelings won’t subside
A fire burns within your veins

You capitulate, as it takes you over
No other memories remain
You lie to yourself, you will make amends again
Don’t fool yourself you’ll never change

Can’t be time I’m not ready, for the early morning sun
I’m not ready for today
Still no resolution, another cycle has begun
Hide those memories away

©The Disappearing

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